How the UK stole £21 trillion from Scotland

Scottish money

It has been 311 years since the UK Government managed to sadly bribe some Scottish Government members to trade away Scotland, in return for land and titles.  During that time, the UK Government has taken tens of trillions of pounds in taxes and natural resources.

If you were to estimate the value of the amount of taxes collected from the people of Scotland by the UK Government over the last 311 years, it would be better to give a value that reflects the current exchange rate.  In order to do that, let's take the amount of tax revenue raised in Scotland this year, and multiply it by the 311 years that Scotland has been colonised by the UK.  This would give us a more accurate figure, in terms of today's value of past wealth.

The result of this calculation is quite shocking - and comes to a massive £19 trillion.

Now if you add the value of Scottish oil and gas that has been extracted from the North Sea in the last few decades, you can add another £2 trillion to that tally.

Now of course, I have been extremely modest here.  The British Government has also acquired massive amounts of land in Scotland, and many other assets that I couldn't even begin to place a value on in this article, so let's stick with what is most obvious - tax revenues, and oil and gas.

In reality, in today's money, perhaps the figure of stolen goods and property from Scotland could actually be far higher than my estimate.

And the theft won't stop after Scotland becomes independent.  The British Government have actually redrawn the sea boundaries so that they can continue to steal Scottish oil and gas after Scotland eventually takes her independence.

How do I figure that this money has been stolen, you may ask.  Well, let's not forget, when the UK Government colonised Scotland in 1707, the people of Scotland did not approve, in fact it is widely believed that the vast majority of Scots disagreed with the Act of Union.  Scottish politicians at the time were simply 'bought and sold for English gold' in the great words of Scotland's greatest poet Rabbie Burns.

All of our tax revenues and assets then became property of the British state upon the Act of Union - and without permission from the people of Scotland - the rightful owners of these assets.  If taking something without permission isn't theft, then I don't know what is.

But perhaps the greatest things that have been stolen from Scotland do not have monetary value - the pride of a nation, our proud culture, our history, our language?  Perhaps the theft of these things is an even greater scandal?

Perhaps it's also a greater scandal, that whilst being a colony of England, Scotland's population growth has been stunted, that our economic growth has been stunted, and that our country has been denied of achieving it's full potential, in the same way that India's economic potential was in a stranglehold while under British rule?

It is believed that the British Government stole $45 trillion from India during the time that they had colonised it, in today's money.  Again, this is a very conservative estimate.

The entire reason that the UK became one of the world's largest economies, is because they simply stole massive amounts of land and assets from other countries around the world.

But the empire sadly still holds onto Scotland - one of it's most prized colonies, a country that it couldn't steal by force, and so had to acquire it through the corrupt 'Act of Union.'  Thankfully, the people of Scotland are now waking up to this blatant theft, and are beginning to realise their worth.


  1. Thievery at the highest order. Soon we’re all shot of them south of the border the better.

  2. A good few barrels of Scotland's oil have been piped from Scottish waters directly to England. It flows from oil platforms into a pipeline which runs down the middle of the North Sea from Norway to a Petroplus storage facility (formerly Phillips Petroleum) in Teeside.

    1. Do you have more details/proof of this? That needs be known by everyone!

    2. All the oil production from the Ecofisk field operated by Phillips66 was piped to Teesside and most of it was exported out of Seal Sands oil berths to worldwide destinations, but mostly to the USA. It was a light crude and very valuable for quality refining. I was engineer on two ships which discharged in southern Texas where the crude ,being light, was to be stored underground as US strategic reserve stock.

  3. Scots have been talking and talking and talking for ever and ever and ever - sometimes English responded ... but they know Scots themselves will just be silent, then will talk again. The talk is sometimes supporting English views (they want to be seen objective). I've listened on and on for more than 70 years. I wonder if some action (as other nationalists use) might prove effective...?