YES, you CAN still be British after independence

"Will I still be British after Scotland becomes independent?"  That's a question that was no doubt asked or thought about by at least a million people during the first Scottish independence campaign in 2014 - and sadly, I feel that identity is an issue that was not really thought about by the yes campaign, and that the issue was not addressed properly.
I don't know about anyone else, but my vision of an independent Scotland is one that's about self determination, and yes, pride in Scottish culture and heritage comes into that, of course it does - but my vision of an independent Scotland is one in which everyone is welcome, and one that people who identify as British not only feel welcome, but feel embraced, and are safe in the knowledge that their right to their identity is not only protected, but defended.
If folk in Scotland truly want independence, they'll find a way to unite the country behind that cause.

Bigotry, small mindedness, and an unwillingness to…

Here's why England urgently needs independence

I decided to compile a list of reasons why England would thrive as an independent country, and how independence would benefit the people of England and the English economy as a whole.

I was born in Scotland, but I have an English mother, and so half of my family are from the north of England. And I do believe there are compelling reasons as to why the working class majority in England could find themselves better off, with true independence for the four nations that make up the United Kingdom.

There is of course an English independence movement already, but for some reason, it has yet to capture the imagination of the people of England. Perhaps now is the time that this issue should be discussed, as it would clear up a lot of issues that are affecting us right now.

Here's my top ten reasons why England urgently needs independence.

1. More accountability on a local level, so more focus on England's dying towns and cities, so often ignored because of too much focus on dealing wit…

Did England's racism problem cause Brexit?

England's far right movement seems to have stalled lately, at least politically - but don't let that fool you.  The rising tide of the far right movement in England is beginning to dominate British politics - Brexit is all the proof you need.

At the 2016 Brexit referendum - 53.4% of English voters voted to leave the European Union.  52.5% of Wales voted to leave.  In Northern Ireland, only 44.2% voted leave, and in Scotland, only 38% voted leave.

A recent study in the UK has shown that Englishness makes you more likely to be racist.  One side of my family is from Yorkshire, and I can confirm having spent time down there, that England does in fact have a serious problem with racism.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson, has become the face of England's populist fascism.

Robinson has recently been recruited into UKIP - the political party seen as responsible for causing Brexit.  However, since his recruitment into the party, UKIP politicians have been leaving the party in…

Independence has now become the safe option

In the news today, we have learned that Brexit could send Scotland into a deep recession according to a leading economist.  It is now quite clear that if Scotland remains a part of the United Kingdom, we are choosing chaos, blunder and uncertainty.

Mark Gregory, from accountancy company EY has warned that economic growth will begin to slow down next year, and has warned that depending on how Brexit plays out - that Scotland could face falling into a deep recession.

I'm sure that there are many millions of working class people around the country asking the question, 'can things really get any worse?' And the answer sadly is yes, things can get a lot worse than they are right now.

Make no mistake about it, in the event of a disorderly Brexit, which now appears more likely - house prices will tumble, grocery prices will rise, businesses will close, thousands will lose their jobs and companies will relocate to EU countries.

The austerity measures that have been implemented by …

Opposition parties threaten to overthrow the government

It has been an entertaining week in UK politics.  This week, the sitting Tory government became the first in history to be held in contempt of Parliament - after refusing to release the Attorney General's full legal advice on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Tories were warned repeatedly by opposition parties to release the documents, but they continually refused, despite a majority of the house previously voting in favour of the advice being released.

MPs voted 311 to 293 to find the Government in contempt.

The Tories have backed down, and have announced that they will now release the paper work to the house.

It would appear that the opposition have asserted themselves at long last, in order to attempt to take control of this outrageous situation and have given the Tories the bloody nose that they've long deserved throughout this shambolic process.

Amidst this chaotic circus - as Ian Blackford MP, Westminster leader for the SNP stood to deliver his speech - the vast majority of…

Theresa May is the Prime Minister who broke the union

By insisting that she secures her place in history as the Prime Minister who took the UK out of the European Union - Theresa May has also secured another accolade - she is the Prime Minister who lost Scotland.

She lost Scotland when she pressed ahead with Brexit, despite 62% of Scottish voters rejecting this whilst completely disregarding Scotland's position or offering a single shred of compromise.  Whether you're for or against the European Union, you should still be outraged that the supposedly sovereign will of an entire country can be cast aside in such a callous manner.

The Scottish National Party have now confirmed on the official party website, that the Prime Minister cannot stop Scotland from holding an independence referendum.

Legally they are entirely correct.  Scotland is very unique in that the people of Scotland are regarded as completely sovereign - due to a legal act of Parliament known as the 'Claim of Right 1989.'  This act gives absolute sovereignty …

Scotland's hidden trillions

It's time to dispel the myth that Scotland is a poor country. Scotland is an incredibly rich country - worth trillions of pounds. If we were some poor, destitute colony, do you really think we'd have to put up such a fight for independence?  Do you really think there would be such a war for people's minds? If we were a burden, would they have been on their knees begging us to stay? Of course not.

As reported this year by the BBC, Scottish wealth alone is worth over a trillion pounds.

And Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England admitted (very sheepishly) during an interview with the BBC that the assets of the Scottish finance sector are worth "ten times GDP" or "north of a trillion." However, ten times GDP would currently equate to £1.85 trillion.
Carney also recently said that the UK finance sector would DOUBLE within the next 25 years - which means the Scottish finance sector could eventually be worth over £3 trillion pounds according to Carne…