Better Together? Scottish child poverty epidemic referred to United Nations

The level of child poverty in Scotland has become such a terrible epidemic, that the situation is being referred to the United Nations poverty envoy.

child poverty scotland

in 2014, the people of Scotland were promised by the British government that the country would be better off sticking with the United Kingdom.  "Better Together" was the campaign slogan that was used by the no campaign.

Four years after the independence referendum, and poverty levels are increasing due to rising food prices, stagnant wages and an unforgivably cruel welfare system that punishes the most vulnerable members of society.

Bruce Adamson, the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland has described the current situation in Scotland as one of the worst he's seen in the western world.

Adamson told The Times today, "It cannot be right that in 2018 in a rich country like Scotland we have hundreds of thousands of children who can't access enough food. They don't know where the next healthy, warm, nutritious meal is coming from."

Since the 2014 referendum, Scots have seen the promises made by the no campaign unraveling.

Scotland massively voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, but find their country being dragged out of the EU despite their position.

The Claim of Right 1989 promised Scots sovereignty - however, Scotland's sovereignty was cast aside during the EU referendum, and Scotland's sovereignty has also been cast aside after successive votes in the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament has voted decisively for a 2nd independence referendum, and also had cross party support to vote against the Westminster power grab which will see a whole host of EU powers handed to Westminster, and most recently the Scottish Parliament voted decisively for a people's vote on the final Brexit outcome - this too was cast aside instantly by Westminster.

The question is, how much longer will the Scottish people allow their "sovereign" will to be ignored by the British government?  How many more job losses and business closures are they prepared to accept?  How many more children must go hungry?


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