British rule is turning Scotland into a third world country

The title of this post might appear quite dramatic to the international observer who would assume that the 5th largest economy in the world would take care of it's citizens - but for those living here in Scotland - this is the harsh reality.

Everywhere you turn in Scotland, you will witness extreme poverty.  The United Nations have recently concluded that the British Government have deliberately caused these extreme poverty levels.  Unsurprisingly, the British Government have DENIED these findings.

homeless scotland

This winter in the UK, thousands of pensioners will FREEZE TO DEATH in their own homes because their state pension, being the lowest state pension in the developed world - does not stretch far enough to meet the rising costs of heating their homes.

The harsh and cruel welfare policy inflicted by the British Government during the past decade has caused the needless deaths of thousands of society's most vulnerable people.  A simple google search of the term 'DWP deaths' will bring back horrendous stories of the suffering of the citizens of the UK who have been affected by the cruelty of the unforgiving British system.

ex serviceman homeless UK

Disabled people, who have been declared 'fit to work' by the DWP - have lost their benefits, driving many to homelessness and even suicide.

People in the end stages of Cancer, and with various other terminal illnesses have been declared "fit to work" and have had their disability benefits stopped.  Many with terminal illnesses have died within days or weeks of being declared 'fit to work' by the DWP.

Cancer patients have been declared "not sick enough" to receive sickness benefits.

Tens of thousands of disabled people have had cruel and heartless cuts to their benefits, which has led to an epidemic of suicide.  The British Government have since appointed a 'Minister for Suicide' - yes, really.

Millions of families with children in the UK are now suffering extreme poverty due to the cruel and unfair British system.

Throughout the UK, food banks have been created to deal with the poverty epidemic.

The levels of poverty are so extreme, that the United Nations have investigated and concluded that the British Government are very deliberately causing needless and unjust suffering to society's most vulnerable people.

We have heard stories of single mothers having to sell their bodies for sex for just a few pounds so that they can afford to buy food to feed their children.

We have heard stories, that hundreds of vulnerable members of society have became homeless as a result of cruel and heartless DWP policy.

We have heard stories of a nine year old girl who walked around begging for work so that she could help to feed her family, when her father lost his job and they were denied any help from the government - despite having paid for this safety net his whole life through his taxes.

Thousands are found to have died, shortly after being declared "fit to work" by the British welfare system.

Men and women who have served in our armed forces find themselves ABANDONED by the British Government - many have frozen to death while sleeping on the streets in the winter.

In the UK, even working families are finding themselves in extreme poverty.

Many employers have their employees on zero hour contracts, meaning that they could face a cut to their hours at any time, and could find themselves unable to pay rent, to heat their home or to buy sufficient food to feed their families.  Many working families have been forced to attend foodbanks and beg for assistance in order to survive.

There is a homeless epidemic throughout the United Kingdom - and the British government are allowing thousands of people to sleep rough, even during cold, harsh winter conditions - with young and vulnerable members of society freezing to death in shop doorways.

Look around any town and city in Scotland you will see deprivation and abject poverty.  This is the result of many hundreds of years of British rule.

You will see people sleeping in doorways, living in tents - begging for money on every street corner in any of Scotland's large settlements.

Children have told the United Nations poverty investigation that they have been forced to go without food - suffering from hunger and undernourishment is the norm for many thousands of Scottish children.  The life expectancy in Glasgow is far lower than the UK wide statistic - the fact that Scotland's largest settlement suffers on a far greater level than English cities is absolute proof that British rule has failed Scotland.

The only chance that Scotland has to end this epidemic of extreme poverty - is to finally separate itself from the British state, and transfer all the powers from the Westminster Parliament in London, England - to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Scotland would follow the example of Scandinavian countries that have a much fairer system, that values all the members of society equally, including the most vulnerable ones - the disabled, pensioners, single parents and the unemployed.

Proof that Scotland would do things differently?  While British Labour had control in the Scottish Parliament - they built just 6 council houses - yes really - SIX COUNCIL HOUSES.  While the SNP have been in power, they've built 8,000 council houses.  Absolute PROOF if ever you needed it that we'd do things differently.  The SNP has used their limited power to offer further help and assistance to citizens suffering at the hands of cruel UK wide policy that seeks to inflict cruel and unnecessary punishment upon the most vulnerable members of society.

The likes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have proven that the cruel and harsh punishment that Britain inflicts upon it's citizens is not necessary - that there is another way.  The Scottish government aims to emulate this brilliant formula once they finally have the power to do so.  The only way that can happen is with total independence for Scotland.


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