Do the people of Scotland truly care about social justice?

poverty in the UK

Surely Scotland wants better than this? The growing poverty epidemic in this country is truly shocking, and the punishment of the poor and needy at the hands of the British government is unforgivable.

But it's difficult to see any great desire for change.

It seems people have developed a "Oh well, at least it's not me" attitude these days.

Why are people just accepting this?

Millions of children are going hungry and missing out on hot meals in 2018 in modern Britain.

We've heard of single parents contemplating suicide, thousands of people becoming homeless because of DWP cruelty, severely disabled people and people with terminal cancer being asked to prove they're really sick or disabled and thousands of disabled people killing themselves due to deliberate DWP cruelty at the hands of the British state.

We have 'The Rape Clause' to contend with also - and the British Government's two child cap - causing children to miss out on regular hot meals.

As many as 1.3 million people in Scotland are in poverty - despite the UK being the "fifth largest economy in the world."

Workers are being made to work like slaves, on zero hour contracts, their employers completely unaccountable and these workers can be paid off for any reason at all, or have their hours reduced as their employer sees fit.  Workers are being taken advantage of by large corporations because of increasingly relaxed regulations.

Workers have less rights now than they did ten years ago.

In real terms, the Scottish budget has been reduced by almost ten billion pounds over the period of the last decade - causing health and education to suffer.

Thousands of pensioners will die this year in Scotland, because they can't afford to heat their home.

When is the moment that the people of Scotland decide to get off their knees and do something about the disgusting social injustices that we face at the hands of a far away London government and their obsession with punishing the working class?

During the 1980s, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's cruel and harsh punishment of the poor working classes caused mass protests and even riots - a crowd of up to 250,000 people took to the streets to protest against the Poll Tax.

That protest was seen as a key moment in the end of Thatcher's reign - she resigned later that year, and the next Prime Minister John Major gave into public pressure to get rid of the hated Poll Tax.

And now, almost three decades later, it seems we have come full circle - we have Philip Alston, the United Nations poverty envoy declaring that Theresa May's Government are punishing the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.

The United Nations stated in their report that the Tory Government's harsh austerity measures have disproportionately harmed the poor, women, ethnic minorities, children, single parents, asylum seekers and people with disabilities.

The United Nations have since pointed out that the British Government are in complete denial about the current state of affairs.  They also pointed out that the Scottish Government are having to use their shrinking budget to mitigate Tory austerity measures.

Recently, 700,000 people took to the streets of London to protest against Brexit. But the protests have so far fell on deaf ears - despite a forecast released today by the Governor of the Bank of England declaring that Britain faces going into the worst financial crisis of the modern age.

A Scottish Government report released yesterday concluded that Scots will personally be worse off to the tune of thousands of pounds as a result of a Brexit we didn't vote for.

We have a Prime Minister and a Government in power at the moment who are either seriously deluded, or are extremely dishonest - in complete denial that a potential financial crisis is looming, in denial that austerity is unnecessary and cruel, and in denial about the extreme poverty that exists due to their cruel and unnecessary austerity measures.

Isn't it about time that people in Scotland stood up to the government that we didn't vote for?  Isn't it time that we demanded social justice?

For decades, we've heard politicians promising an end to poverty - and here we are, in 2018 - and the problem is still as rife as it ever was.

This situation is only possible, because we, the people of Scotland allow it to be.

There is another way.  There is a better way.  Scotland can choose to decide it's own future - Scotland can choose to reject austerity on a permanent basis and follow a Scandinavian model - a balanced society that doesn't simply favour the rich, it protects the majority, and looks after the working poor.

Another Scotland IS possible.  But it starts with independence.  It starts with having the conversations, with anyone who will listen, demanding change and choosing to be a part of that change.


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