Scotland's time to shine has arrived - support us or step aside

This morning's headlines reveal that the UK will become £100 BILLION worse off PER YEAR as a result of Brexit chaos.

A vote for Scotland to remain part of the UK, is a vote to ensure absolutely that Scotland becomes poorer - It's a vote to make sure that the British government becomes less accountable to the outside world - It's a vote to make sure we face a lifetime of uncertainty and constitutional chaos.

Scotland has a clear choice - to ensure a lifetime of perpetual uncertainty and accept economic self harm within the UK.

Or, Scotland can choose a bright new future as an independent state, free to make our own decisions in the world, and to finally take our place alongside Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other progressive, forward thinking nations on the world stage.

The contrast is clear - continue to allow Scotland to be dragged into chaos and blunder, as a part of the UK - being dragged from one constitutional crisis to another, and with our voice literally outnumbered 11 to 1 in Westminster - remain completely powerless to influence events.

Or - Scotland can choose to chart a new course, and take it's place alongside the nations in the world, and finally be a country - a country that can attract immigration, attract investment, that's able to decide it's own relationships and trading partners and able to attract the multi national corporations in the same way that neighbouring Ireland has.

Do we continue to remain a colony of England - and accept our fate - accept the fact that Scotland must remain poor, and remain a third state within the UK, accept the fact that Scotland will never be an attractive place for foreign investment, that we will continue to be unable to achieve significant population growth or economic growth? Or do we choose to take our place in the world, like Ireland has? Ireland is looking at 4.8% GDP growth next year, while the UK is going into growth recession as a result of Brexit chaos. Little old Ireland has proved that it can even face an economic crisis such as the last global recession and come out of the other side stronger than ever before. Even little old Malta, who the UK once denounced as too small to become an independent country, has projected GDP growth of 4.9% next year.

The choice is clear - remain poor forever, or make the educated choice to become a rich and successful independent country.

We have now reached the moment when there is little doubt, that Scotland would be economically and socially better off as an independent country.

Scotland had already began to chart it's course towards independence. Some would argue that Brexit has made this more likely. Well one things for sure - it's highlighted the urgent need for Scotland to chart it's own course - it's highlighted the fact that England's kingdom is insular and backward, and that an independent Scotland would be progressive and would therefore be treated with more respect, and would be taken more seriously by the outside world.

The time has come for the British Government to accept that Scotland would be better off as an independent state, and rather than try to hold us back, or hold us captive against our will, to wish us well in our onward journey, to support us in that desire, and to build a new relationship with Scotland that will benefit us all in the long term.

It would be far better for the remaining part of the United Kingdom to begin our new relationship on the right footing, and learn from the chaos of Brexit, that fighting against each other's interests is pointless.

Scotland's time to take it's place on the world stage has arrived. If the UK Government doesn't want to support us to do this, then they should at the very least step aside, and get out of our way.

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  1. No! has been no sensible reason to stay in the (U.K, whatever that is??) that case has not changed just made a lot is no wonder when I engage in conversation the statements and lack of proper conversation,the replies are pathetic,Nicola looks like one of the Krankies, Better Together/ for Whom???Strong shoulders? We need more devolution,(that is being destroyed)!! too small,too weak,too poor.They want Scotland,s resources to pay for their debts,their projects,they need our young for their conflicts,they need our N.H.S. a bargaining chip for the U.S.A. and others to turn health into a money making gambit,they take bribes to make deals.(lobbying), To push through their wishes using sex pests and perverts to vote for them,or else.Why were no bankers put in prison,?why are some in Scotland in Union(moneyed contributions ?)Are there people there that made money from the slave trade?? Questions with no answers to bribe the people of Scotland.???