Scottish independence and EU membership are entirely separate issues

Many people who support independence for Scotland, are also Eurosceptics.  Indeed there is an argument that if Scotland were to become an independent country, that it could not be a truly independent state if it were to remain a member of the European Union.  And while this does not at the moment appear to be the general consensus, it is still a legitimate argument.

I am not going to go into the arguments for and against EU membership, or my personally held beliefs about why Scotland should or should not become a member.  This is entirely irrelevant.

First, Scotland must achieve independence from the United Kingdom.

The very fact that the Scots voted a certain way in the independence referendum, and that they're having the opposite inflicted upon them, highlights the democratic deficit that is the United Kingdom.

Indeed Brexit highlights the very fact that democracy is IMPOSSIBLE in Scotland until Scotland decides to become an independent country - and highlights the fact that the people of England will always decide Scotland's fate while we remain in "the union."

The very fact that the United Kingdom was free to leave the European Union without having to ask for permission highlights the fact that the United Kingdom is far from a political union - and that Scotland is merely seen as a northern region of England, or a colony owned by England by our masters in London.

Leaving the United Kingdom is our first priority.  After which, we can begin the conversation about EU membership.

There are some who make outlandish claims that Scotland would automatically become a member of the EU after independence, due to the regional voting in the British Brexit referendum.  However - that belief is completely false.

Any new member state of the European Union MUST apply first for membership - the European Union will then ensure that the proposed member state meets certain requirements.  One of those requirements is the consent of the people of the member state - that must be done by either a General Election or a referendum.   The usually preferred method is a referendum.

So after Scotland has become an independent country, the most likely scenario is that Scotland would remain in the single market and the customs union until a future relationship with the European Union has been settled upon.  It is also highly likely that the people of Scotland would then be asked by referendum whether or not Scotland should become a member state.

So for the Eurosceptics among us - that would be your opportunity to campaign against membership of the European Union.  There is no point in arguing about this now, because at present, while tied to the UK - Scotland does not have the power to decide it's relationship with the EU.  It is a physical impossibility - we are a third state within the UK.

Perhaps Scotland should become a full member of the EU, or perhaps there will be a case for the Norway model, or maybe there's another option - either way, it should be for the people of Scotland to decide, and our relationship with the European Union should not be dictated to us by the people of England.

Independence first.  After independence, it will be our choice to make.  Then and only then, will we be able to make the case for or against.


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