Time to call unionism what it is - English supremacy

unionism is English supremacy

After the 1707 Act of Union, it became enshrined into law, that Scotland would no longer possess any sovereignty over it's own affairs and that total sovereignty would lie with the Westminster Parliament in London.

Even today, in the UK Parliament, Scotland has only 59 of the 650 MPs, and so Scotland's voice is literally outnumbered 11 to 1.

It is therefore mathematically impossible for Scottish interests to be taken seriously in the UK Parliament.

Tory MP Boris Johnson summed up the union's belief that England's place within the union is superior, when he said recently "A pound spent in Croydon is of far more value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde."

Of course, supporters of the union would argue that Scottish interests can be discussed in Holyrood - Scotland's Parliament.  However, all of the most important powers that affect the people of Scotland, are not devolved to the Scottish Parliament, and are reserved matters.

English nationalism

This means that the Scottish Parliament often finds itself having to use the limited powers that they have, in order to mitigate damage created in Scotland by British state policy.

The Scottish Parliament often finds itself having symbolic votes on matters that are not reserved to Scotland - because sadly these powers are felt to be safer in the hands of English MPs.

Devolution, far from offering the federalism that has been continually promised by both Labour and the Tories for the past few decades - has actually just became an excuse for unionists to hold onto remaining powers.  The attitude of unionists is simply that Scotland is undeserving of full sovereignty over it's own affairs and that it should only be able to address local issues of less importance.

So if you support the union, you agree and therefore support the idea that England's MPs and English society should make all of those big decisions that affect the people of Scotland - despite the fact that Scottish MPs very often vote against legislation and policy that is passed by the predominately English Westminster parliament.

If you are a unionist - you believe that English MPs should have supremacy over Scottish affairs, that the English MPs are smarter and more capable of making decisions, than the Scottish people themselves.

In short, if you are a unionist, make no mistake about it - you are an English supremacist.

You either support Scotland's interests, or you support English supremacy - there is no in between.

If this was a true union, then all members of the union would have the power to veto any law or policy that affected their country or nation - especially where that law or policy is not wanted by the people of that nation.

The Scottish people rejected Brexit by almost 2 to 1 - but Scotland is forced to accept massive constitutional change, against the will of the people.

The United Kingdom is made up of four separate countries, or nations - Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.  Yet there are 533 English MPs in Westminster, and only 117 MPs representing the other three nations - so English MPs literally decide the fate of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Even if every MP for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland voted alongside each other for legislation that would benefit the people of their respective nations - England's MPs would massively outnumber the representatives of ALL of the three other nations put together, by almost 5 to 1.

So it's time to call out the Labour Party and the Conservative Party, and anyone in fact who supports the United Kingdom, for exactly what they are - English supremacists.

The very fact that the United Kingdom is called a 'union' is perhaps the biggest double speak of all - the word 'union' implies an equal partnership.

It's time that the people of Scotland decided to put the interests of the people of Scotland first.

The only way that is possible is to finally dissolve this massively unequal union for once and for all.

We will still be a family of nations, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales can live side by side in the British isles as much better friends and neighbours if we can all look after our own affairs.


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