Lies, threats and intimidation forced Scotland out of the union

scotland post Brexit map

The isolationist ideals of the UK Government and the lies and threats of the unionist establishment have ensured absolutely, that Scotland will achieve independence in the foreseeable future.

And when we finally walk out the door, I do hope that they reflect on the fact that it was their contempt for Scotland that has caused this situation to unfold.

We wish England and what remains of the United Kingdom well as we leave, and prepare to become an independent country again, but it's difficult to pretend that the feeling is mutual.  It actually kind of feels like we've being kicked out the door.

Back during the first independence referendum campaign, all kinds of threats were thrown our way by the no campaign.

"We'll stop you from using the pound," they said. "You won't get your pension" they suggested. "You won't survive without us" they said. "We'll throw up a hard border" they threatened. "We won't buy your exports" they suggested.  "You'll be forced to leave the EU if you vote for independence" they threatened - well look how that worked out for us.

They told us that we'd face uncertainty if we voted for independence.  And now it is clear that independence is the only way to avoid perpetual uncertainty in the UK.

They told us we'd face job losses if we voted for independence - and the opposite was true - now we face tens of thousands of job losses by remaining a part of the union - because of Brexit.

They said there would be a hard border - they've now proven there would be no need, after showing their willingness to bend over backwards to avoid one in Ireland.

They said a no vote would lead to further meaningful devolution - yet here we are with the powers of the Scottish Parliament now under threat as a result of the power grab.

They said Scotland would lead the UK, yet here we are, our voices ignored and English Votes for English Laws ensuring that Scottish MPs now have no power over matters that affect England, but English MPs still have the overwhelming majority of votes in matters that affect Scotland.

I mean the very idea that the UK would even suggest that they'd even be able to stop buying our exports after independence is frankly laughable.  Where will they get these things from?  Further afield?  Good luck to them!  But we all know, they'll continue to buy our exports after independence, in the same way that they still buy Irish exports.  So the idea that this business relationship will somehow end overnight with independence is disgustingly misleading at best, and a total pack of lies at worst.

More recently, Tory MP David Mundell has said that "Scotland is not a partner of the United Kingdom, it is a part of the United Kingdom."

When Scottish tennis star Andy Murray backed Scottish independence in 2014, the unionist media attacked him for making his feelings clear.

Murray said at the time via his twitter account, "Huge day for Scotland today! No campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. Excited to see the outcome. Let’s do this!"

So there's absolute proof that the anti Scottish bias, and negativity has actually fueled independence support.

And of course the Little Britain direction being taken now by the UK, forcing Scotland out of the EU against it's will ensures that support for independence is now between 53 and 59% depending on how Brexit plays out in March, according to the very latest polling figures.

The UK is literally pushing Scotland out the door - it's not the other way around.  The complete lack of respect for Scotland's position during the Brexit negotiations has pushed more and more people towards backing independence, with the overwhelming majority of polls showing increased support for indy since the 2014 referendum.

Prolific unionist Sir Billy Connolly has even changed his mind on independence due to the UK's desire to cut itself off from the rest of the world.  He told the media recently "The Brexit vote is a disaster and the breaking up of the togetherness of Europe is a crime bordering on a sin.  I think the more people are together, not separate, the happier they will be.  The most important thing for Scotland is to keep our contact with Europe.  Scots voted to stay in Europe, and if the only way for us to do that is to become independent from England, that may just be the way to go. And I never thought I would say that."

If Billy can change his mind, then frankly, so can anyone.  He is proof that even the most die hard unionist can be brought around to the idea of independence in the right circumstances.

And this Christmas, Scots had to face up to the fact that they were being lectured on unity by an unelected, hereditary head of state, sitting in front of her gold piano, in lavish and luxurious surroundings.  This adds insult to injury, to the people of Scotland, who are already feeling undervalued in the so called "union."

Brexit will bring economic disaster to Scotland and a possible recession, with the loss of thousands of jobs expected in the coming years - and we voted against this insanity.  There's been special treatment for Northern Ireland and even little old Gibraltar, but not for Scotland.

The Claim of Right, allowing the people of Scotland to make constitutional decisions for ourselves has been cast aside by the British Government in recent times.  If there was ever an illusion that Scotland's voice was ever treated with respect, we can all agree, that illusion has now died.

The British establishment continues to show complete and utter contempt to the people of Scotland, and disregards the fact that Scotland has distinct interests.  They have tried to kill off Scotland the brand, by forcing companies to label Scottish produce with union flags.

Inflammatory language is often used to describe anyone who has the legitimate feeling that Scotland might be better off as a normal, independent country, like all the other countries in the world.  They call us separatists and nationalists for example.  The word separatist is such a negative word to describe something which is actually altogether positive - the idea that a country should stand tall, as an independent nation, and have the power to run it's own affairs, rather than have a foreign country do so.

Perhaps the UK Government's strategy now is to put Scotland down so much that we'll eventually fall into line, and do as we're told, know our place and eventually we'll not dare to mention the fact that we'd quite like to have our voices heard and respected.  Maybe the people of Scotland will eventually tire of feeling the need to be treated with respect and dignity?  Perhaps that is their hope?

I've got a feeling that 2018 was the last year that the people of Scotland were willing to be told what to do by a foreign government, and that the new year will bring about a fighting spirit that will lead us to independence.

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