The voice of a nation, silenced by a foreign government

Scotland silenced by Westminster

The sad truth of the matter is that under the current political system in the United Kingdom, the voice of the Scottish nation has been silenced for over 300 years by the Act of Union.

Even if every single person in Scotland voted for the same party on a single issue, and all 59 Scottish MPs took that issue to the Westminster Parliament in London - the will of an entire country could then be vetoed by the 533 MPs that represent England.  473 English MPs could stay at home, only 60 would be needed to defeat any Scottish motion.

There are more MPs in London than there are in the whole of Scotland.  There are 73 in London - so even the city of London has a bigger voice in Parliament than the entire country of Scotland.

Scotland is ruled by a foreign government - that was not elected by the people of Scotland.  Any legislation passed in that Parliament then goes to an unelected House of Lords, and is then signed off by an unelected, hereditary Head of State - currently Queen Elizabeth II.

It's time we in Scotland came to accept an uncomfortable truth - the people of Scotland have absolutely zero authority over our own affairs - all authority lies with a government we didn't elect, Lords and Ladies we didn't elect and ultimately, and perhaps most bizarrely, with Kings and Queens we surely didn't elect.

It's time we had a good think about who's running our country, and it's time we realised that while we are within a political union that effectively hands all authority over Scottish affairs to a foreign government, we will never be able to build the kind of country we want to build.

Scotland has a parliament building, that has no authority over constitutional matters.  Our Parliament's authority has been overruled by Westminster on countless occasions, and more worryingly, our legal system has been overruled by London.  This is no longer a political union.  This is a dictatorship.

I recently visited the Scottish Parliament and I was struck by the words told to me by a lady who welcomed us into the Parliament.  She told me "this is your Parliament - it's owned by the people of Scotland."  It got me thinking, that Westminster Palace is legally owned by the Queen - and that the Scottish Parliament is owned by the people of Scotland - and made me realise, that's what makes us different.

If Scotland were independent, we'd be a democracy, where the voice of somebody on the Shetland Isles would be just as important as the voice of someone in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, and not a democracy.  Scotland would be a democracy, where laws would be passed by Parliamentarians, not by Lords and Ladies or Kings and Queens.

Isn't it time that the people of Scotland got some self respect, and got up off their knees, and stopped begging to be heard by an ancient British establishment that will never respect us?

Isn't it time we started to value the voices of the people in our own country over the voices of an elitist system in a foreign country when it comes to the most important things that affects Scottish society?

Isn't it time we realised that instead of obeying the desires of the representatives of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Liverpool, that we should actually value the voices of those living in Glasgow, Lanark, Edinburgh, Renfrew, Ayr, Fife, Stirling, Aberdeen, Dundee, Dunbarton, Perth, Midlothian, Angus, West Lothian, Dumfries, Inverness, Argyle, Ross and Cromarty, East Lothian, Banff, Moray, Roxburgh, Clackmannan, Wigtown, Kirkudbright, Kincardine, Berwick, Caithness, Selkirk, Orkney, Shetland, Bute, Peebles, Sutherland, Nairn and Kinross?


  1. Spot on but what are our options? UDI declared by MP's, MEP's, MP's is the only way forward but we don't have the balls to do it.....

  2. Aye. It is time. Happy Christmas and an Independent New Year.

  3. This is so true. I have this discussion continually with friends in England and they cannot see a problem. They are so blinkered, the UK is an autocracy as the power resides with the PM of England and Westminster. Unless the political landscape changes in England there will only bi-polar governmental choice. Soar Alba...

  4. I have this discussion with my English friends and they do not see a problem. This Westminster cycle of bi-polar government is never going to change. There needs to be public action to break the cycle of complete apathy. Hopefully this is changing in Scotland with the Independence movement. Alba Gu Breath...

  5. It can be done if the people of Scotland stopped voting Tory in Scotland. And start voting for their own government. 1400 English people maybe more now, moved to Scotland and made this their home, if things had been better down south would they have moved here, I don't think so.These people moved up here and vote for the Scottish government, the least the people in Scotland could do, is vote for our country. We need to cast off the shackles of the regime. They are a regime and should be taken down and replaced. NOW. Just like they did in Libya and are trying to do in Syria.